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Staying in our comfort zones is very fun, but what are the consequences and how can we stop that.

A man jumping over two mountaind.
Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

When I started university at the age of 17, I chose to do IT because my university of choice didn’t offer economics. In my first semester, I was introduced to programming, that was far from my expectation, I thought only CS students did heavy programming, but boy how was I…

To create a compelling story, different mechanisms are used, one of them is the camera shake effect, used to portray some kind of violence like a bomb going off or you being shot at.

Press ‘s’ to shake the camera.
Camera Shake Effect

Visual effects are a great way to improve your storytelling abilities in games. Effects simulate the imagined events in the story and it makes players attached to your game. One of the effects is the screen or camera shake effect, this is one of many tools in the game maker’s…

The Swift students challenge is back again at WWDC 2021. How can you enter? Why even bother to enter?

Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference is a tech conference for developers every year in San Jose by Apple. Last year Apple held the event online due to the pandemic. This year’s event will also be online.

Developers, thinking through a problem.
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

At the event, Apple unveils a lot of software, be it iOS, iPadOS, or…

Since 2016 there is no major redesign of the MacBook Pro, which is five years ago. Apple are you ready to listen to the user base?

Artist concept of the redesigned MacBooks.
Redesigned MacBook Pro. Credit: MacRumors.

For the last five years, every MacBook Pro looks the same. They all come with a digital touch bar, thunderbolt ports, and no HDMI or SD card slots. The most presumably annoying part is the thicker horizontal and vertical borders of the screen. …

When we never take care of ourselves we deteriorate in physical health and mental health gradually, be green as a plant.

Photo by Kelsey Brown on Unsplash

All developers face some common issues. As web developers, mobile app developers, or game developers, our health is important to us.

Be it your physical health or your mental health. We are all fighting the same battles. In this article, we will be discussing two problems we face in our…

Who wants to read an exciting article with a boring picture. People are not insane, it is because of how you write.

Happy women sitting in restaurant, watching a blog post image from thier phone. (Supposedly)
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Reading is never easy, and it becomes very tiresome when there are no pictures in a blog post. Readers like to see images in the articles they read. Images are a huge deal when it comes to writing a post as a writer.

Though I started writing on Medium a…

The tablet, the incoming iPad Pro, can match the performance of your laptop and even outshines it.

Rendring of the leaked iPad pro by Pigtou. Credit: Pigtou.

We were all surprised and thrilled by the performance of the M1 Soc when it came. The M1 shattered records for the best single-core Mac out there. It is one of the best multi-core notebook laptops in the market. Many iPad fans wondered, would Apple include the Apple-made silicon inside…

An M1x chip appears on a benchmark site with double the performance of the current M1 in multi-core.

An illustration of the M1. Credit: Apple

Apple silicon is changing our perspective on how ARM CPU's perform, until last year I didn’t even know ARM can outperform an x86 chips so well.

The M1 chips Apple used in its 13-inch laptops was one of the greatest innovations the Cupertino company has made. According to Geekbench 5

You can get the software framework that’s flying on the Mars helicopter, and use it on your project. How open-source is pushing humanity beyond imagination.

In this artist’s concept, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter stands on the Red Planet’s surface as NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover (partially visible on the left) rolls away.
Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on the Martian Surface (Artist’s Concept). Credit : NASA

After a seven-month journey, Perseverance started its high speed descend towards the red planet on February 18th, 2021. Onboard the Perseverance was a little helicopter called Ingenuity. It will be the first unmanned helicopter on another planet. Its sole purpose is to do a series of flight tests on Mars.

Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

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