Ubuntu is just better than windows. Why I snubbed windows and moved to Ubuntu.

Why I switched to Linux and reasons why Ubuntu Linux is just better than windows.

Time for change, moving from windows to ubuntu
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I have been using windows for almost my entire lifetime. I started with Windows XP, moved on to Windows 7, used a bit of Windows 8, and moved to Windows 10. I loved Windows XP and Windows 7, probably because I was a kid at that time. My experience with Windows changed from Windows 8, from then we are having a love-hate relationship.

Major setbacks of Windows are its chunkiness and slowness, booting from a hard disk could take me 15 minutes on Windows 10, updates can prevent you from working all day. For the record, I have a core i5–8265u CPU, which is more than enough to run windows. I decided to change from Windows to Ubuntu when I have had my fair share of Windows.

In case you are asking do you love it? The simple answer yes, complicated answer yes. Here are my reasons Ubuntu is just better than windows.

  • Ubuntu is faster than Windows. Everyone knows that Windows is slow on aging hardware unless you don’t update the OS. The first time I had my laptop, I was mesmerized by the speed of boot-up on Windows. After 1 year the boot-up time has been extended from around 2 minutes to 15 minutes, which is annoying. In Ubuntu, you don’t have to worry about your boot up time, because of its weightlessness and robust feature it boots up almost instantly.
  • Crashes are minimal on Ubuntu. Every windows power user knows how windows are prominent to crashes due to its update system, the update system of Windows 10 might make your pc unusable for a while. One problem I faced a lot was when Windows is downloading updates. Due to the high percentage usage of the hard disks during these moments, I couldn’t even use my applications like unity, Photoshop, and premier pro. Ubuntu on the other hand automatically updates itself without you even rebooting. Ubuntu. The command “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade” also updates and upgrades all your installed apps for you. This makes Ubuntu a more stable OS for me.
Linux peguin
Linux penguin.

These are some of the things I think Ubuntu is better than Windows. Though there are many challenges in the use of Ubuntu like the unavailability of apps and the high learning curve of the command line but so far I am loving it. I am just a beginner, I hope I will write a more detailed comparison in the future, and in that article, we will be discussing thoroughly the bad side and good side of Ubuntu and Linux in general, be sure to follow so you won’t miss it.

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I develop games and apps. I write about books, technology and coding. Always learning. Very interested in cryptocurrencies & D Apps. https://bit.ly/3fiBqbI

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Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

Konadu Akwasi Akuoko (CodedKaa)

I develop games and apps. I write about books, technology and coding. Always learning. Very interested in cryptocurrencies & D Apps. https://bit.ly/3fiBqbI

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